On Gender and Acceptance

After several important victories in 2015, the LGBTQ community faced challenges both old and new in 2016. The so-called “bathroom laws” around the US are still making everyday lives more difficult for thousands, while exposing widespread bias and hypocrisy. As blogger Gretchen Kelly powerfully said, “Those predators you’re so worried will sneak into the Target bathroom? They’re all around you. They are your Priest, your kid’s coach, your neighbor, your uncle, your youth group leader, your United States Speaker of the House.”

Jacob Tobia, featured at Neutrosis Nonsense.

But the push for equality and for the acceptance of people regardless of gender identity or sexuality continues — thanks, in large part, to people like Jacob Tobia, who wrote earlier this year at Neutrosis Nonsense about the challenges facing genderqueer professionals:

While people may try to discriminate against me and tell me that I’m dressing “inappropriately” for work, I will hold on to my gender identity and sense of self. In the workplace, I will stick up for those who, like me, find that their gender does not match a prefabricated box. I will wear my heels, pearls, and skirts to work until, hopefully, the world can learn to respect people like me.


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